A lot of music producers and amateur musicians always dreamed of playing the piano. However, for most of us, a “real” piano is simply not an affordable option. This is why I started with a digital piano.

Through the years I have purchased countless digital pianos from various brands so I thought that today I will share my experiences with you and tell you about my personal favorite digital piano brands 🙂



Founded in October 12, 1887 as a piano manufacturer Yamaha has a lot of experience in the musical instruments field. They are also the largest piano manufacturer in the world and you can find their traditional pianos in many concert halls around the world.

I personally owned a grand piano by Yamaha. Playing it was one of the most enjoyable piano playing experiences I have ever had. However, I haven’t started with a full fledged grand piano instead I have started with the budget friendly Yamaha P45 digital piano.

To say the least, the P45 is one incredible digital piano and I couldn’t be happier calling it my first piano.

Yamaha takes our first place because of its heritage and incredible quality. In my opinion, Yamaha’s signature sound is second to none and all of their digital pianos are nothing short of incredible.

If I were looking for my first digital piano I would definitely consider Yamaha as a top contender.



You may know Casio from math class as they are one of the worlds largest digital calculator manufacturers. What you might not know is that they are also one of the worlds largest digital piano manufacturers and that they are damn good at it!

Casio is also a Japanese manufacturer and it was established by its legendary founder Tadao Kashio in April 1946.

As of today, Casio is one of the best digital piano manufacturers and I have personally owned 4 of their pianos. Their pianos are sturdy and sound incredible, I still think their sound is inferior to Yamaha’s sound.

The reason I include Casio on this list is that their keys almost feel like “real” piano keys. This real feeling helps me enjoy a more natural playing experience. For that reason, Casio’s digital pianos are my go to choice when composing new melodies or performing.

Casio pianos are probably your best bet if you want to get that authentic piano feel every time you touch the keys.



Korg is yet another electronics Japanese manufacturer, It was founded in 1962 and it’s probably the only company on this list that only specializes in musical instruments.

Unlike Yamaha and Casio, Korg is also a Synthesizer and midi controller manufacturer and their piano’s are the best quality on my list.

The reason Korg came in our last place is that their pianos feel the most “electronic” to me. What I mean by that is Korg’s pianos feel too similar to a midi controller or a traditional synth.

To some that might be a plus and to others it will be a con. I am in the second camp and I really like that authentic piano feeling when playing a digital piano.

With that being said I think Korg’s pianos have the best sound overall, It is more impressive than both Yamaha’s and Casio’s signature sound.

I would definitely consider a Korg piano if I were looking for the best sound on the market.



There you have it my personal favorite digital piano brands!

As you can tell these are all my personal preferences and I believe that everyone should choose their piano based on their personal needs.

With that being said I really love Yamaha’s digital pianos due to their piano’s perfect balance between Korg’s incredible sound and Casio’s incredible feel.


Hope you enjoyed reading this article and I wish you all a happy rest of your day!

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