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The year of 2018 is almost upon us, and with this quick approach comes revelation and reflection. The advancement of the digital age teaches us more and more about not only technology…but about ourselves! We are thrilled to show you what Voices.com learned this year.

Voices.com analyzed the trends of 2017 – consolidating their findings into an easy-to-read infographic. The goal of this briefing is a simple one: to show that products, companies, and message yearn for the human touch.

Every year, Voices.com publishes a trends report. These reports are curated to assist both the client and voice-over talent. The goal is that industry trends will be made clear, giving the community a common ground.

The 2018 trends infographic focuses on a few major findings and projections:

1 – The Scope of Desired Language is Growing Tremendously

2 – People Want to Relate

3 – The Community Yearns to Connect on an Emotional Level

The trends of 2017 are practically screaming that the consumer wants human touch. No longer are jobs simply predicated on the requirement of a single language. Jobs are becoming more and more specialized…in other words, humanized! The desire for different accents is growing more and more. People want to hear their language being spoken.

The report also touches on projected generational target demographics and the power behind emotional response. We are heading into an age where an emotional connection supersedes budget. Cutting through the static and making a long-lasting impression is what the community strives to accomplish.

2018 is a year of emotional connection and intentionality. It’s the year of speaking the same language with those you connect with!


Courtesy of voices.com

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